Department of Energy via Idaho National Labs


"End of Fiscal Year (EoFY) 2016 IS Application Organization Initiative": Idaho National Labs was in the process of upgrading their Information System in preparation for EoFY 2016. The system was composed of various .Net legacy applications using languages like Classic ASP, Web Forms, and Win Forms. The desire was to roadmap and begin groundwork on converting all applications to MVC.


(1)Take complete inventory of TFS repository to determine exactly "what's going on". (2)Create a roadmap of success and determine what technical and physical resources would be needed and how much time would be required to accomplish this task.


A Cognitive Generation Enterprises consultant went onsite in Idaho Falls, ID at Idaho National Labs for the Department of Energy and, for the entire four month period, worked directly with Government employees to inventory, organize, design, and develop software.

Project Duration

6 months

Technologies Used

Dapper ORM, .NET TDD, ASP.NET MVC (C#) 4.5/5/6.0, ASP.NET Web Forms (C#) 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.5.x, Classic ASP, JavaScript, JQuery, Linq-to-SQL/Entities, TFS, T-SQL, SQL Server 2016, SSRS