Santander via TCS


In 2014, Santander Consumer USA had a .NET Web Forms CRM tool for their Collections Customer Service Department that needed to be upgraded to MVC. The developers who built the this application were located in Bangalore, India but there was a need to have an on-site team lead to (1) manage the application, (2) lead the off-shore team, and (3) act as a liaison between off-shore and the Client. Lastly, the goal of converting the application to MVC was not alone, but was coupled with the task of getting the IT Software Committee to adopt Angular as an approved JavaScript framework (as prior to this point Knockout was the only approved JavaScript framework of choice).


Plan with the Client the following: (1) How to best interface with the Project Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts, (2) How to best interact with the off-shore team and (3) What is the best architectural approach for the Application Conversion.


A Cognitive Generation Enterprises consultant was contracted as a Sr. NET Team Lead who led a small team of 3-4 developers. To solve problem (1): "Interface with Project Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts", an Agile SCRUM Methodology was adopted and for the duration of the project was strictly adhered to. To address problem (2): "Interacting with the off-shore team", a SCRUM Methodology was adopted and the consultant would often meet with the off-shore team at 6:00 AM CST due to the time-zone differences. Lastly, for problem (3): the "Application Conversion", using Angular 1.2, Bootstrap 3, and MVC 5; the consultant developed a POC that was approved by the Software Committee and both the POC and the new language was adopted.

Project Duration

14 months

Technologies Used

Ajax, Angular 1.2, ASP.NET (C#) 4.0, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, T-SQL, SVN, SSIS / SSRS, SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2012