In 2012, Pointsmith, a Path-to-Purchase, Shopper Marketing Agency had a few problems. (1) Due to internal changes, the IT Department was in the process of re-organizing. (2) Due to a nationwide contract with Shell Gas Stations and What-a-Burger Fast Food Restaurants, both of whom Pointsmith creates the signs and menus (that you see at the gas pumps/stations and in the fast food restaurants), their current E-Commerce Website (over 10 years old at the time) was a legacy system built using Classic ASP and the database was a SQL Server 2000 non-normalized Database. Both needed an overhaul to appropriately respond to their customers' demands.


C-Level Executives made a decision to overhaul the entire IT department and the E-Commerce website. As such, after the IT Manager, Project Manager, and Development Team were staffed we played the lead role in development of a Web Application from Classic ASP to .NET 4.0 using SQL Server 2008 R2. We would also use Telerik and jQuery UI Controls to assist in implementation of GUI requirements per client specifications; implement a Payment Gateway VIA Chase-Paymentech to remove dependency from PayPal Credit Card Processing Functionality; create SSIS packages to facilitate nightly execution to handle ETL operations from the Legacy 2000 DB to the new 2008 DB, using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio; use PetaPoco ORM to assist in migration and re-routing of DB's and utiliz mock repositories to allow front end developers to continue forward while Data Layer was being re-architected; interact with client's knowledge workers to extract information regarding locations and architecture of legacy applications' data; and use Red-Gate to create a Data Dictionary and performed application wide documentation where warranted.


Cognitive Generation Enterprises sent a consultant to Houston, TX for the first month of a four month RAD venture (remote the other three months), after which time (in July 2012) the customer was able to release their new application and train and convert all existing users from the old to new system without any issues or downtime. Lastly, we trained employees on the new Application, the left rules for Design and Development Practices to carry forward by the staffed developers once our contract ended.100% success.

Project Duration

4 months

Technologies Used

Ajax, ASP.NET (C#) 4/3.5/2, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Telerik, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, SSIS