In 2010, Relavance, a company whose product was a NoSQL Database (called an Associative Information Management System - AIMS), headquartered in Montreal, needed to get the ball rolling. They wanted to increase their market share in the US by offering SAAS. They wanted a US presence. As such, the following were the things that needed to be done: (1) hire US based developers, business analysts, sales people, etc., (2) train the new hires about the technology, and (3) sell licenses. Once all internal personnel is trained on the new software, the development team would then develop internal software, offer SAAS solutions, and develop client software. This is where Cognitive Generation Enterprises (CGE) was needed.


A CGE consultant was the first US based contract for Relavance. The strategy was to build a team. This task took place in Atlanta, GA. The CGE consultant helped interview and hire the US based staff. We developed training content, and trained the new hires. The CGE consultant, with the newly formed team, began building software to demo this new database technology for potential customers like Emory University, IBM, Norvartis, and Qlik. After preparing to demo and sell licenses to this and other Fortune 500 companies; they planned to take the technology to small businesses.


CGE worked with Relavance US and Relavance Canada in the capacity of top US based consutant. We helped staff and grow the business. We, as the primary US development contractor, worked directly with the R&D scientist in Montreal, Canada to help further the technology, and act as a liason between the R&D labs and the US based client and their client's. With our assistance, we helped the US based company acquire many contracts and introduce themselves to the US based market.

Project Duration

4 years

Technologies Used

ActionScript 3.0, Adobe Flex, Android, Ajax, Associative DBMS, ASP.NET (C#) 4.0/3.5/2.0, CSS, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Silverlight WPF, Multi-threaded Programming, XML and much moreā€¦