In 2008 the Web Portal team needed to fill a seat for the - internet and cable subscribers - website channel lineup. The resource would manage the Education, Health, and Money channels and all the content therein. They would work with companies like WebMD and other industry leaders to get the content that would be viewed on the portal by its customers. The member would also function as a Jr. programmer and multimedia designer.


As part of a two year venture, our goal was to have our consultant join the team and deliver.


A Cognitive Generation Enterprises consultant worked with AT&T in Atlanta, GA and (1) for the first year of the contract managed three channels (Education, Health, Money), (2) developed flash media for March Maddness 09, Superbowl 2008 & 2009 (see links) and (3) developed the AT&T Blueroom product and lead the team Flex Development team for the last year of the two year contract.

Project Duration

2 years

Technologies Used

ActionScript 3.0/2.0, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript, Mootools Framework, DHTML, HTML, XML, and XSLT