Cardio Plus (In-House App)


In 2011, had a contest in which developers could propose the best web/desktop/mobile solution to address issue of cardiovascular health. The goal was to develop an end-to-end Proof-Of-Concept that brings together healthcare patients, healthcare providers, and publicly available data sets to reduce cardio-vascular health. (Video below)


In conjunction with Apptaris, serving in the capacity of principal partner we decided to build a payment and reward management tool based solution that would reward (in the form of gift cards, coupons, and discounts from major retailers) in exchange for healthy living.
The basic flow of the application is that upon registering we capture healthcare provider, lifestyle, physical, goal oriented, and social networking information and use it by our Artificial Intelligence Health Coach, a built in Health Challenger module, and the News Manager. With this information, the app would suggest Physical and Mental Activities to prevent cardio-vascular disease. We would group local individuals together and reward them with points so that they can redeem for retailer gift-cards once they reach a certain level.


We entered the contest but did not win; it was a great experience and we do have a product that can be developed with the right backing. :)
See the presentation, read the full documentation, or view the white paper.

Project Duration

6 months

Technologies Used

.NET, Camtasia Studio, MyBalsamiq, SQL Server, Twilio