Notepad (In-House App)


In 2016, we needed to develop an app for the purposes of keeping track of ones healthy lifestyle to be used on tablet and mobile. The needs were to log meals eaten: their weight and duration; exercises and stretches: their weight, reps, and duration; miles jogged, and log weigh-ins and notes that one may want to take. (Live demo below)


Being that we initially wanted to use this on mobile devices and also on the PC (when needed) we choose Angular 1.5 and to build a Single Page Application (SPA) using C# and .NET's WebAPI 2.0, oAuth for Google, SQL Server 2014 R2, and work in an Agile Scrum development environment. So, this is exactly what we did. Then, our top consultant, Robert Green, in Idaho Falls, ID was using the app in a gym that didn't have 4G. As such, we realized that we needed to build a mobile app, not web based to be able to work in offline mode. This need brought about our second iteration and the rebuild of the app using Telerik's Icenium platform. This allowed us to develop the app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


Two working implementation of the application (see links above) both Angular and Mobile (Telerik Icenium).

Project Duration

6 months

Technologies Used

.NET 4.5, Angular 1.5, Bootstrap 3, C#, Cordova, HTML 5, MVC 5.0, Telerik’s AppBuilder Icenium, Web Api 2

Live Demo / Code Samples

Angular Implementation

Demo Live (please don't intentionally break, we are still in development here...)

Web.API 2.0 GitHub

Hybrid Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows) GitHub