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In 2011, we worked with Relavance and their AIMS technology to build an application that would show its advanced value. They wanted a GUI to would sit on top of their Information System (IS) (database) and it would give immediate analytics on any IS with zero coding! The tool was built for research scientists and business analysts - or any person who makes decisions based on information - to be able to easily data-mine on the fly.


Our strategy was to build a GUI that would be easy to use, offer immediate value, allowing customization, and intuitive. So, we set out to use Flex, making the application a Flash based application because we wanted to remove all of the limitations imposed using HTML and JavaScript for UI interaction (a quick glimpse at the video below will demonstrate this). Now that we decided on our delivery platform, we still had to make some other decisions. We needed to communicate with the AIMS technology - which was an .NET Class Library - and our Flex/Flash application. So we also developed a WebServices application to communicate with the underlying IS which was facilitated using a middle ware layer composed of vanilla JavaScript and AJAX.


Below is a link to the video which was an internal product demo that showcases the application in the early stages of development during a product demo with management. Due to the fact that this was an internal Proof of Concept application we were developing for Relavance, their rising consumer demand, and their resource availability the development effort was interrupted.

Project Duration

3 months

Technologies Used

Adobe Flex, Action Script 3.0, C# .NET Web Services, Camtasia Studio, JavaScript, Relavance AIMS (a non SQL database)


Watch Video Demo

WPF Implementation

same data, different UI, this app can run against any information (data) (bad audio, please excuse)

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